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  • Commercial Rokotoff 2015


  • Commercial Rokotov & Fainberg 2014



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Ivan is a typical modern young man of 18. His father disappeared 10 years ago. Trying to shake off the pursuing enemies of their father, Belov's wife and daughter changed their names and settled in the United States. But Alexander Belov's blood still runs in Ivan's veins. He wants to prove his financial independence to his mother and gets involved in a dubious stock market speculation. The operation fails and Ivan and his friends are faced with a huge debt. To solve this problem Ivan heads to Russia in order to try selling a small part of his father's multi-million heritage, but keeps this venture a secret from his mother. His friends Phil, Sydney and Kelly join him in this undertaking. The new rescue plan turned out to be even more dangerous than the prior speculative venture. The main characters get into areal maelstrom of betrayals, pursuits, family secrets and their disclosures and showdowns with both the mob and the Russian secret services...

  • Moms are simply waiting for us...

And if out of over five million people who have watched our announcements at least hundreds of thousands thought about their moms, then we're on the right track! The romantic full-length comedy "MOMs", compiled by eight intertwined short-stories, is sure to impress many sons and daughters and, of course, moms themselves. Remember, we are children as long as our parents are alive!
Alizier Films - produced by our creative team in English and Russian languages, dubbed by famous American and Russian actors, were the first stepping stones towards a great film that has acquired an international status, expanding its geographical coverage and swung open for the audience a critically important role of moms in children's lives, helping to solve social problems around the world.Sometimes one doesn’t have enough time to visit his or her mom because of an important meeting. Butte know that mom will not get mad, because mom will always understand and forgive...
We hit the road in search of a better life in other cities and countries, but moms always expect our timely return. We buy latest gizmos to communicate with family and friends, and mom peeks at the phone every hour, and constantly checks the mailbox every morning - because not every mom knows how to deal with Facebook or Skype.
Scientists have proven that there is a special emotional bond between a mother and a child. But do these forces of nature weaken over time? We grow up, we meet boyfriends and girlfriends, acquire new, weird in mom's opinion, interests and hobbies. We spend more time away from the home, completely forgetting the taste of our childhood's favorite dishes. We create our own families, and at this point moms dedicate themselves without reserve to our children. And we still tend not to like it when mom intervenes in our life and provides her advice.

  • I hurt my Mom..  Joe Lynn Turner


  • TV Documentary "American Dream" episode actress Natalya Rudakova (TRANSPORTER-3)


  • Production music video Joe Lynn Turner "Imagination" 2011 by Alizier Films