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Films Production

Filming locations

Finding the right place for shooting is one of the most difficult parts of production process. Ideal spot can make a huge difference for the final product.

ALIZIER has an ability and experience in fulfilling your needs, due to numerous years of experience and extensive search routines for our clients.

We have experience in all areas of design and production. We strive to provide the very best service and full support to our customers from the preparatory period to the end of shooting process. We also assist our customers beyond production routine - meeting at the airports, accommodation with the most comfortable New York hotels, that the company has been partnering with for a long time, allowing us to offer our customers advantageous terms of stay at any level of comfort.

We offer a comprehensive search service, including locations, props and actors. If this is something you are looking for - please contact us today and leave a brief description of your project.We can provide you with any location: airports and aircrafts, atriums, beach area, houses, boats and ships, cafes and restaurants, car parking lots, castles, caves, churches, theaters, clubs, conferences and exhibitions, houses, abandoned buildings, farms, educational institutions, galleries, parks, hospitals, hotels, industrial space, judicial institutions, libraries, lofts and apartments, mansions and manor houses, photo studios, racetracks, roads, schools, shops, sports facilities, swimming pools, theaters, villages, warehouses and more.

ALIZIER is always looking for new places...

Do you have a place suitable for shooting? We are always looking for interesting places, studios and venues for TV, film, photo shooting, product launching and other services. Contact us and we will add you to our database!