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Alizier Films | Investment

Film Investment

  • A movie is the best investment one can make for the up-side potential vs. the risk. They're better than real estate, blue chip stocks, gold, silver, precious stones, income-producing rental properties, futures, treasuries, international currencies . . . better than anything, with the possible exception of investing in your own education and spiritual enlightenment. When done correctly, a motion picture investment is less risky for investors than a dotcom, bio-tech, or high-tech investment. More money has been lost by investors investing in dotcom, bio-tech, and high-tech investments than has ever been lost by investing in domestic motion pictures.

  1. The three keys in reducing the risk of a film investment to less than twenty percent is to first invest in development funding of motion pictures and not invest in their production funding.
  2. Second, to make sure the film has a major US distributor before the movie is made.
  3. Third, motion pictures have multiple streams of revenue for each film which lowers the risk and increases the profits to investors unlike other investments that do not have those additional revenue streams.


  • A motion picture development fund is very much like a real estate feasibility study conducted by a real estate developer to determine the merits of proceeding with a proposed real estate venture. If the venture pencils out the developer will then proceed with the project. If it does not pencil out, then the real estate developer will drop development of that project and move on to develop some other real estate project that does show potential profits. We do exactly the same thing with a film development company. We develop several film projects of which only the best three are put into production and distribution. If a prospective film investor understands a real estate investment then they most certainly will understand how a film development company operates.


  • To form a writer centric film development company comprised of top writers from New York and Los Angeles.
  • To produce three audience driven films budgeted at $2 million to $20 million dollars distributed globally.
  • To finance these films through Los Angeles entertainment bank loans fully guaranteed by foreign presales.
  • To maximize film profits and build audience awareness by hiring name directors, actors, and actresses.
  • To recoup 120% of the investors investment within two years before the films are all made or distributed.
  • To thereafter split profits from all revenue streams 50/50 with investors and exit the investment in 3 to 5 years.


  • Alizier Films - will help ease the studios pain by jointly creating with local investors New York Empire Business Services to develop audience driven motion pictures utilizing High Definition 24P Digital Cinema at considerable cost savings over traditional studio film budgets. The company’s business is to supply quality films to the major studios and engage in co-ventures with the most successful independent production companies.
  • Alizier Films Group has the majority of the management and development team in position ready to begin operations pending funding of the development company. Other team members and staff as outlined in the business plan will be brought aboard once full operations commence.
  • CONTACT: For the reader to elect whether or not this venture is one he/she wishes to study in more detail. To do so please contact Alizier Films Ivestment Group +1.424.254.9437, or e-mail: Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript to request a password for client login to download a PDF file of the business plan.

Job in Alizier Films

Alizier Films Group - need Experienced Hedge Fund, Venture Capital, or Private Equity Rainmaker to assist in either principally seeding and/or raising capital for a non-correlated asset class media finance company (Film finance, Global film & TV Co-productions, U.S. theatrical distribution).

We currently have imminent needs for a short term tranche so when applying, please indicate realistically based on your sphere of influence how quickly you can help raise capital. More...