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Alizier | Productions Transforming ideas into reality on the film and advertising markets in the United States. High-end technical base allows us to solve all tasks at the highest level of quality.

Alizier | Films

Alizier Films and TV-projects production and distribution US and abroad. Selection of shooting spots and venues and technical support; casting of famous Hollywood actors according to the script requirements All Rights

Alizier | Soundtrack

Alizier | Soundtracks inional full-service provider of music support for films, commercials and digital games. Necessary investments search for feature film soundtracks. State-of-the-art recording studio service in New York.



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666 5th Avenue, Manhattan, New York, 10103, United States

(212) 777-2202 New York (424) 254-9437 Los Angeles (424) ALIZIER

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